Medical and Mental Health Care Services are available at the nearby George Mukhari Hospital. We deal with addiction treatment and any underlying mental and emotional issues. These include dual diagnoses, depression persons in a safe peaceful and restorative environment.

Furthermore we are dedicated to the recovery and the health of the individual, the family and the community. We provide physician detox and withdrawal assistance. All medical issues are dealt with at the local clinic, hospital or our private physician.


Our addiction treatment program concludes with a “Victory Over Addiction Plan” and “Crises Re-Entry Course“.

We serve adult men and woman (18 and older) with drug and alcohol addiction. It is designed for persons who seek a path to a meaningful and successful life. We treat addiction and its underlying causes in a non-judgmental, and discreet environment.

Special attention is given to the development of Emotional Maturity (EQ). Our treatment is personalized to meet our clients’ mental and physical heath needs. Psychological and psycho social factors, personal history and spiritual development is also incorporated.

House Benjamin combines individual treatment, physician care and holistic health in a faith based setting.

We rebuild relationships and transform lives. 

Lanseria Airport Near House Benjamin
We are located near Lanceria International Airport where we collect persons comming from all over South Africa
Hartbeespoort Dam Near House Benjamin
View from nearby Hartbeespoort Dam
Local Hospital At House Benjamin
We make use of our local students hospital for any medical related matters
Addiction Treatment Program
Effective Addiction Treatment Program


We are based on a Therapeutic Community Concept that has been proven successful in the treatment of addiction and behavioral problems.


A “Therapeutic Community” is a drug free residential based approach to the treatment of mental illness, long standing emotional troubles, behavioral problems and drug addiction. Persons participating live together in a structured and organised way, promoting permanent change. This concept trains persons to have a successful and drug free life on the outside.


The objective is to use the persons social environment to provide a therapeutic experience for him. Participants are expected to become active in the day to day workings of the community. As they move thru the various stages of the program they will often be expected to take on more responsibilities and start to become responsible for other persons in the community. They are expected to move up to leadership, management and often become staff in such a community.

The goals are to affect a complete change of lifestyle. This includes the complete abstinence from substances, to develop a personal honesty, responsibility and useful social skills and to eliminate antisocial skills and criminal behavior.

Mission Statement

Here at House Benjamin we strive to help those in need whom cannot overcome addictions of all kinds. From alcohol, marijuana, amphetamines, heroin, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, hallucinogens, LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) even sexual addictions as well as depression and suicidal tendencies. We are a Christian based therapeutic community specializing in across the board addictions where our residents will engage in a 52 week VOA (Victory Over Addiction) program. We provide 3 meals a day and an extensive and expansive workstation section, we provide discipline and responsibility as well as hold biblical group counselling, private counselling and a chance to join our side projects where one can get the opportunity to experience a normal working environment with a sober and positive mentality. To complete the holistic regime of the course we also provide an Emotional Maturity (Emotional EQ) course. We also offer a leadership and mentorship program where the resident will be able to help fellow recovering addicts with their own experiences and advising them in a manner which can be relative. The head of the establishment has had over 28 years of real life drug use together with the personnel and the leaders of the rehabilitation niché which surpasses essentially.


Here at House Benjamin we look at every residents’ specific work and job experience and place them in the best field of work according to their field of expertise or lack thereof, and that will allow them to grow and learn in any field of work within our parameters. If the resident has not yet acquired any working experience then there are many opportunities to learn many different skill sets.

Construction –  There are many construction projects always on the go, from building the lapa area, to the log cabin as well as the construction of our barracks area. Also building the kennels for all our dogs and construction of our own chicken coop plus many more projects will arise in the future as we are always expanding.

Maintenance – Our maintenance team is in charge of all the small fixes that are needed around the whole farm, such as electrical work, plumbing, wood work, pipe installations etc. 

Gardening & Herbs – We have a large garden area as well as small herb gardens in areas all around the farm which need daily attention. We have planted many vegetables and herbs such as chilli, basil, lavender, thyme, fennel, parsley, coriander/dhania, lettuce, cabbage & spinach.

Marketing (Jelapeno Project) – As we grow our own chillis, we also produce and bottle our very own jelapeno sauce in which we use to sell to the public and also use to gain donations for our residents and the centre. People with marketing and sales experience are well suited for this project as it an everyday task to go out to different areas and market our sauce as well as our centre.

Kitchen Team – Our kitchen team is also a very important aspect of the centre as it runs 7 days a week to feed the residents with 3 courses everyday. We have an extensive menu that we cycle through on a daily basis to give the residents a different meal every day. 

Wood Team – Another team that works 7 days a week where they go out into the bush and gather wood and logs to cut, once brought back to the centre then we cut and split the wood accordingly and divide and disperse the wood to the different areas which will provide fire for cooking, showering and in general, hot water.

Animal Therapy – We find that working with animals helps our residents with their struggles and overcoming their addictions. We have 2 stations in which the residents can choose to work within, these are the dog team as well as the chicken team.

Dog Team – Our dog team supervises our kennels (True Blood Kennels) 7 days a week where we have to clean out the kennels, feed all the dogs as well as taking them for a long walk every morning on our dog track. The dog team looks after the well being of the dogs from dusk till dawn, come rain or shine.

Chicken Team – Our chicken team is responsible for taking care of the chickens and the coop in which they live. The chickens get fed twice daily and collection of eggs happens once a day.


Below you can meet the team that is part of our mission to successful addiction treatment. 



Tokkie Van Wyk

Chairman - Founder
House Benjamin's founder and program director. An ordained pastor with a degree in Master Of Biblical Counselling from Therapon University. Active in rehabilitation counselling for 28 years.

Simen Anderson

Vice Chairman
Based in Namibia, and successful business man in civil and property development, he is our projects and developments director managing all our construction and property developments.


Kevin Grobler

Kevin Grobler

General Manager
Responsible for the general day to day operations at our centre.

Michelle Anderson

Financial Manager
Based in Namibia and a qualified auditor, she manages all the financial aspects of our centre.
Dominique Pretorius

Dominique Pretorius

Admin Manager
Stakeholder of House Benjamin and managing all the administrative duties
Jaco Pretorius

Jaco Pretorius

PR and Lecturer
In charge of our internal public relations and lecturer at House Benjamin
Jacqueline Grobler

Jacky Grobler

Resident Nurse
Daughter of Tokkie Van Wyk and our resident nurse at House Benjamin



Chris Richards

Orientation And Lecturing
Responsible for orientation of new residents and assistant lecturer at our centre
Alda Dumas

Alda Dumas

Tuck Shop Operator
Managing our on premises tuck shop.