We are proud of our addiction treatment program that has been developed over 18 years of experience. We have a thorough multi faceted theoretical and practical program.  It is our aim not only to get persons thru withdrawals and detox, but to provide them with all the life tools and skills. Training them not only be drug free but to build a fulfilling and successful life.

This Is How We Do It…………..


Our program starts immediately. Upon admission and as soon as the person is settled and unpacked we conduct a full assessment. These are scientifically and clinically designed  to give us an accurate and comprehensive overview of the persons individual needs. This is done so we can start on his/her personalised program. 


Depending on the type of substance or medication that the person used and the length that the person has been using they often go through a physical withdrawal stage. This can be an agonising time for the user. These can include severe body pains, vomiting, seizures, fatigue, mood changes and so on. Withdrawals also happens in stages with effects that can last for up to 6 months. 

We aid persons in the withdrawal stage by closely monitoring new residents. Should medical help be required they will be taken to a physician that will prescribe the correct medication. These medications are then administered to the residents as prescribed and controlled by our resident nurse. 


We have a range of biblical based comprehensive courses. It is all designed to give persons all the essential personal tools and skills to not only be drug free but to go out and excel in life.



This is our foundation program. This is our most comprehensive program. It covers a wide range of critical subjects that is crucial to transforming the persons life. It teaches the person how to do a complete self analysis and find the best approach to solving his/her problems. It also teaches them to continuously grow in biblical principles. Topics in this course include Counselling Tools, Approach To Problems And Solutions, Dealing With Self(Emotions), Origins Of Fear, Applying The Truth, Turning From Evil, Holding Self Accountable and many more…


“Emotional Intelligence” or “EQ” can best be defined as the ability to understand feelings within oneself and in others. They them learn how to use these feelings in guiding thought and action. Ever since the cutting edge work Salovey and Mayer was introduced in 1990 there has been extensive studies made into the relationship between “Emotional Intelligence” and addiction.  This includes studies into persons that keeps on “relapsing” even after they have successfully completed rehabilitation programs. Studies has shown that the compulsive seeking and consumption of drugs and other substances directly effects the functionality of the brain. Drug users have clearly shown to have low EQ indicators.

It is for this reason that we have added Biblical Emotional Training as an integral part of our program that every person must complete.


After rehabilitation going back to the outside world has proven to be strenuous and challenging.  For this we require every person to complete our “Re-Entry Crisis Counselling” course. This course is specifically designed to provide a person with all the tools for his/her transition back into society.


We have included a selection of biblical short courses that we find purposeful additions to our program. These short courses provides further education and training on specific subjects that helps persons see life and situations from a different view point and have practical advise on how to deal with various situations that includes, addiction, work, personal relations, personal emotional matters and more.


In addition to our extensive courses all persons have personal one on one counselling available to help them with personal matters which is done by experienced and trained biblical councilors. However our counseling is more that just a place where persons come to talk about their problems. Our councilors are dedicated to helping such a person find new ways of looking at and dealing with their problems and situations in a biblical way.


Personal recovery does not only come from theoretical training but needs to be applicable in practice. Our “Training Stations” are an integral part of our practical program. We have various ongoing projects around our farm that we use as a practical substitute for actual working circumstances. Training Stations are designed to teach persons how to take responsibility of their work, how to plan, start and successfully complete projects. They are allocated to teams where they must also learn to work together as a team under a leader. As the person progresses he/she will become a team leader him/herself which comes with additional responsibilities.  

This is where theoretical training are tested in practice. Persons will learn how to have discipline in their work, learn how to work with various personality types, how to respect their future bosses and managers. Most importantly they will learn how to excel in their positions by taking on more responsibility. All these is to insure promotions in their future work. 


We not only rehabilitate persons, bet we train them to become leaders in life. This is where our “Leadership Development Program” comes in. We require all persons to progress thru their program to a leadership level. On this level the second part of their practical training begins. They are allocated various responsibilities and learn to deal with various challenges under the guidance and counseling of senior management. It is at this level where they will learn to deal with various situations over and above their own personal challenges, manage teams, plan and execute complex tasks, how to set an example and how to find practical solutions to various types of problems. 

Biblical Direction At House Benjamin
We teach all our residents to always follow true to the irrefutable principles set out in the bible. Our entire program is build on exactly these principles
Life Skills Training At House Benjamin
We are set at learning our residents all the needed life skills that they are going to need to complete our program and become successful leaders in their respective communities.
Emotional Intelligence Training At House Benjamin
Reaching a high level of "Emotional Intelligence" (EQ) is an irreplaceable skill that every person needs to become a true success in life.
Counselling At House Benjamin
All residents have the opportunity to sit with a trained biblical counselor to learn to deal with their personal and unique situations and emotional states.
Perseverance At House Benjamin
Our training stations is designed to learn our residents the importance of hard work and perseverance that goes hand in hand with sustainable success.
Biblical Leadership At House Benjamin
We have a theoritical and practical Leadership Program that all residents must successfully complete.